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The other half

Sunday morning, 3.45 AM. The alarm sounds, I push it away and reprogram it for 4.45.
Sunday morning, 4.45. The alarm sounds again and I reprogram
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Linux conf Australia

Going Down Under It's a long, long trip from the Netherlands to Brisbane, Australia, but when I can afford it, I think it's worth going there for the
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Big Lake half marathon

Big Lake, May 7th 2011 So what can you do if the flight back home only leaves at 4.55 in the afternoon? Run a half marathon of course! I'd been luck
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Wallis Sands half marathon

May 1st 2011 How smart is it anyway to register for a half marathon just three weeks after the Marathon of Rotterdam? That one was a real
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moab half marathon

Imagine 5,000 people going up the canyon on a windy Saturday morning. It's barely light at the moment the buses start loading, and it takes time to ge
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Paris Marathon - 43.17 kilometers?

I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed to find that it took me 3 hours, 51 minutes and 33 seconds to run the Paris Marathon. This was my second m
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Sander van Vugt.

Welcome to my personal web site. You might know Sander van Vugt as a dedicated Linux professional, at this site you'll find information about my non-professional life. Basically, it consists of the following topics: traveling, running, photography and writing stories. Well, that is: I'll use this site to write stories about traveling and running and I'll upload some of my best pictures as well. Hope you like it! If you want to share your feedback, you're more than welcome to. Just send your message to
BTW: Some of my stories are written in English, others are written in Dutch. I just won't do any translations. But you'll find out easily enough if it's an English language story or a Dutch language story.